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Family Activities
You and your family or friends will find lots of relaxing vacation activities during your stay at The Village Camps.

Picnicking along the St. Croix River, hiking through the woods, canoeing, and swimming are common family activities during the warmer weather. Picture yourself relaxing in the sun on the lakeshore rocks and beaches of East Grand Lake. Spend the summer days swimming and sunbathing on our beach!

Bicycling along country roads lined with a variety of wildflowers and wild berries is great exercise and a relaxing way to view the natural beauty of Maine and nearby New Brunswick. For the naturalist, this area holds some truly unique examples of flora and fauna in an untouched wilderness forest setting.

Fall is a beautiful time in Northern Maine, as the leaves turn vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Bring your camera and enjoy the crisp fall colors, the blue sky, and the crisp fall air against a background of lakes, rivers, and hardwood ridges.

We are closed for the winter season.

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